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2Coders Culture

Founded in 2013, 2Coders has a team of experienced professionals in custom software development and creativity fields. We work with the utmost rigor and seriousness, we handle times and deliveries with exquisite care, being perfectionists down to the smallest detail. We create avant-garde proposals.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we have developed skills that make us an excellent partner for the integration of your project and the promotion of your brand. Don’t wait any longer, we advise and help you with your project 💙 😎

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We do what we like, in an agile and flexible way. We take care of technological excellence

We promote talent and creativity but also closeness and teamwork

Multidisciplinary professionals

David Santana

Cofounder - Developer

Dailos Medina

Cofounder - Developer

Tina Churlinovska

Chief Operating Officer

Karen Monzón

Account Manager

Coral Vázquez

Chief Sales Officer

Daniela Cabrales

Administrative & HR Recruiter

Eliza Tymczuk

UX - UI Designer

Ayoze Vera

Head Web Developer

Adrián Velázquez

Senior Web Developer

Alberto González

Senior Web Developer

Michael Bueno

Web Developer

Himar Suárez

WordPress Developer

Bryan Places

Web Developer

Bruno Aggierni

Web Developer

Cristóbal Martín

Mobile Developer

Jonay Santana

Mobile Developer

Marija Lukaroska

Android Developer

Hristijan Kostadinovski

React Developer

Nenad Vuchkovikj

React Developer

Danche Panova

iOS Developer

Andrej Lotski

iOS Developer

Eftim Popov

React Developer

Zharko Naumovski

React Developer

Elena Kojcheva

Product Manager / Business analytics

David Trpchevski

Android Developer

Sandra Mojsova

Web Developer

Darko Aleksovski

QA Engineer

Daniela Ajtova

Office Manager

Diego Mendez Esquerro

Web Developer

Karol Ariza

React Developer

Himar Muñoz

iOS Developer

Riste Spasov

Web Developer

Emilija Babaleska

Business Analyst

Kiliam Martin

Mobile Developer

They already trust us, and you?

We work with the best brands, we grow alongside them and now with you too

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