simple is better

We found often clients with a huge feature list in your future app. They want support to multiple devices and platform. And of course, the UI/UX totally custom.

Honenstly, develop an app is not a easy task. Our experience show us that every huge problem is better to solve step by step, splitting in smaller items.

Every project should begin in only one platform, with minimum features and with default UI/UX. Why?

  1. You have a concept in your head. You imagine how react the user, how he use each feature. However it’s just it, thoughts and divinations. If you have soon a first operative version, you will received opinions and feedback, you can see how the potential client use your app. Then, if you needed, you can easily redirect your idea and keep developing. Do you imagine discover you are wrong after month of hard work and thousands of dollars wasted?
  2. If you make a mistake in you concept, in your business, if you need a change or simply you want to do something different you just have to change one app. If you want to develop app in four platform, this change implies four changes, four more times and money. Your mistake will be a lot of more expensive.
  3. Thinking about iPhone and iOS. Apple has a clear design guidelines. By very good that you like your custom interface, believe me if your concept against to this guidelines, you will be wrong. This Apple recommendations were created after years of use, years of experiences and the work and experience from brilliant developer and design who you want to contradice.

If you don’t see clear yet, read more about minimum viable product or philosophy like “Lean Startup”. Mi father always say: walk with short step and long view.