Walking in … APP

Steps around the world

Walking in is an app for those who like walking but don’t have extensive map, GPS or navigation skills. This project came to us with an old fashioned user interface and poor UX. We redefined the whole product from the ground up, designing a new interface and re-coding much of the app to speed it up with a new intuitive workflow making it much easier to use.

Our app includes a new store where you can buy walking routes and GPS located instructions.

The menu uses the latest iOS techniques, where, with only one tap you can access any section of the app.

The routes packs are presented in the same way as the apps in the Apple App Store, in a vertical scrolling view whilst letting you swipe the images in each pack. It has carefully been designed so that you can purchase the routes from the screen.

We have paid special attention to the usability, making navigation and use intuitive without compromising on design.

Your best route in an app


  • The system is built for iOS 6 and above.
  • The data is contained into a SQLITE db using the FMDB framework for management
  • The store uses in-app purchases for the routepacks
  • The location is obtained using the basic apple system CoreLocation combined with a complex system of mathematical calculations to improve the navigation throughout the routes.
  • The maps section shows all the routes and waypoints using the MapBox technology.