Dorada – Plan Viernes

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Dorada Plan Viernes, is the main app for “Dorada” the number 1 lager brand in the Canary Islands.

Plan Viernes is a fully interactive and social app. The user can find the nearest bar that sells Dorada, they can rate bars, add photos, check in and mark bars as favourites. Users can even create events and meet friends

Project Brief: Dorada required an iOS app that was both intuitive and had clear navigation throughout. The app needed clear branding and a design that completed their brand guidelines.

Launched in August 2013 alongside a TV and press campaign, Dorada Plan Viernes now has thousands of regular users.


  • The system is built for iOS 6 and above.
  • Location is obtained using the Apple system CoreLocation.
  • All the app’s actions are connected to Facebook using their public API to allow auto-publication.

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