Mitula Homes

Easy search, homes in seconds

Mitula Homes is an app for those who wants to find a house. Trough map or  typed search  you can look for all million of results. In this project our designers made a great  interface and a big analysis of UX.

Our app includes a new store where you can buy walking routes and GPS located instructions.

The houses are presented in the same way as the apps in the Apple App Store, in a vertical scrolling view whilst letting you swipe the images in each house. It has carefully been designed so that you see all the main information about it.

We have paid special attention to the usability, making navigation and use intuitive without compromising on design.


  • The system is built for iOS 7 and above.
  • The app have dynamic filters.
  • The location is obtained using the basic apple system CoreLocation combined with a complex system of mathematical calculations to improve the navigation throughout the routes.
  • The maps section combined with the touch gestures let select the area that you want set look for.

Search for your home with a single click