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With over 25 years’ experience backing science and technology, this organisation improves the processes of the socioeconomic transformation and sustainable development of the Canary Islands. It contributes to business network competitiveness, paving the way for new areas in the industrial and technological sector.


Based on a briefing and design defined by the ITC, we collaborated in the development of this website in Joomla. To provide solutions for its main requirements, we created a site that reflects its society-oriented activities. As the main challenge, we established internal call flows that offer specific information by profile type, facilitating content management. We are currently working on compliance with transparency and accessibility requirements.




Appointment booking


Events calendar

Home Page Anatomy

The menu will be visible during navigation, and the main sections can be accessed at any time
Explanatory section about ITC and its activity
Sample of organisational structure with direct access to each of the areas
Sample of projects and services, filtering by subject area
List of recent publications and news items related to ITC
All available events are shown on this calendar
Call to action to take a guided tour of one of ITC’s venues
Information filter by user type, allowing access to information of interest

Much more coding than you can imagine

Booking module

At the request of the ITC, we have implemented an appointment booking calendar for future visits and events, where the availability of the visiting centres is displayed dynamically for visitors, covering both Gran Canaria and Tenerife.