Native App (iOS/Android), Smart TVs, Connected TV Apps, UX/UI

Customizable OTT Solution

We architected an in-house OTT front-end app, that can be easily tailored to any client’s needs, for a wide range of platforms. We included a set of features that will allow our clients to extend their content offering to millions of new viewers in a cost-effective and timely way. Some of these features include UI customization, intuitive navigation, rebranding capabilities and consistency among all devices.

The challenge

Listening to our clients, we spotted the need to develop an easily customizable OTT application for various platforms, in which everything could be dynamic: from the images to the pages’ configuration. One of the main challenges was making it possible to change the distribution of the UI components easily from the server, without the need of re-deploying the application on the devices.


Grow your business by giving your audience access to a video streaming platform for your:

  • Educational courses
  • Fitness instructions
  • Audio content (podcasts, music)
  • TV shows
  • Media News
  • Cooking classes
  • Sports events
  • Live streaming video

and more, on any internet-connected device.

The platform features include flexible layout management, aesthetic and user-centric design, adjustable to different monetization models, easy user creation and intuitive navigation, consistency across devices, and rebranding capabilities.

Multiplatform compatibility



Smart recommendations

Multiple user accounts

Downloadable/offline videos







See it on your big screen or stream it.

Are you looking to stream your video content on different devices?

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