When customers don’t know firsthand our work, it’s essential to reach them by visible ways where they feel comfortable and receive the information they need. This visible way is the web. For this reason, it’s essential to have an updated website that provides our customers with the information and details they need in an orderly format, with easy access and navigation.

Many web users to enter them bounce due to mistakes made when developing them as:

1. Too much information (text format)

2. Excess commercial / promotional content

3. Disordered structure

4. Bad usability

5. Difficult navigation

6. Ornate designs

When we realize that our website isn’t attracting the desired traffic or volume bounced users (users who come to the site and out of it without interacting or observe the material due to the errors mentioned above) is high, we must take the decision to renew the web. Therefore, it’s advisable to have experienced developers to avoid duplicating existing errors.

To know the errors that exist and statistics of the web, you can use different tools that allow you to study web metrics and user behavior on the web. These tools are:

1. Study metric: Google Analytics (Google app) is the tool with higher performance in terms of overall analysis, it allows to know among other actions; which web pages are visited, the traffic of it, the origin of the users, their interaction on the web.

2. Heatmap: as might be CrazyEggs (heatmaps tool more market recognition) provide insight into what areas of the website is visited by users and through which pass most often your cursor. This method allows to know which location is more efficient to place advertising and content more important.

3. Test A / B: compares two actions to know that changes or modifications will impact most strongly on users. The tools allow testing A / B are for example open source (payment) and Google Analytics (free).