As mentioned in previous post, the website is the face of every business, the platform on which to show our work and which customers can create an impression about us. Therefore, to have a vision and well-developed website is essential, but it is more to know it thoroughly.

Many companies delegate the management of their web to others, so do not understand the operation thereof, the specific information set forth in it, the usability in terms of how easy it is for users to navigate through it and above all, the acceptance of it in the online market.

To know if your website is accepted on the network, if you have the desired traffic and study the acceptance of its content, it is relatively easy because we have a wide range of tools on the market that help us carry out these studies. Google with its Analytics tool allows us to know all the information related to our website; from metrics to the Test A / B through heat maps.

With the set of data collected through these techniques, you can make decision-making regarding trade issues, marketing and strategy at the time to locate and publish not only relevant content but also promotions and portfolio our company determines as relevant material .

For those unfamiliar with the techniques described above, then we make a short summary of its main functionality.

  • Study metric, it allows to know among other actions; which web pages are visited, the traffic of it, the origin of the users, their interaction on the web.

google analytics

  • Heatmap, provide insight into what areas of the website is visited by users and through which pass most often your cursor. This method allows to know which location is more efficient to place advertising and content more important.


  • Test A / B, compares two actions to know that changes or modifications will impact most strongly on users.

Test A:B