Our clients usually come with great ideas and they want to see them in an app. They believe that the project is ended when the app is published in the App Store. However, Apple release a new operative system every year around october. Every iOS version (Apple’s operative system) comes with a lot of changes and the apps will have to deal with all of them.

The possibilities that the changes affect to our apps have a little random component. It depends that “screw” has been adjusted in the operative system. However if our app will be developed for a senior developer team these problems can be minimized follow a simple rules. Here are the three most important:

Rule 1. Avoid complex interfaces and navigations different to Apple design guidelines.

Rule 2. Don’t use unnecessary libraries or/and use updated libraries with continuos support for its author.

Rule 3. Use interfaces that fit automatically (autolayout) to every size screen. Don’t forget that Apple release new iPhones/iPads every year and they always don’t have the same screen size.