The personal computer, the mobile phone, the tablet and the watch now. The watch is the next device which the technology will change completely. Think about it, we talk about a old device with only one utility: give the time. Explain it to the new generation that is used to handle with multitask devices with a huge app list installed on it.

Pebble was the first device which we can really name “smartwatch”. In 2012 this small watch, with monochrome screen, brokes a new record in Kickstarter, crowdfunding platform, surpassing the 10 million dollars.

It proved to the big companies like Google (Android Wear) or Apple (Apple Watch) that they had front of them a big market to explore.

Don’t you find the sense to this new watches? It’s soon yet. The most of developers and companies don’t offer their services in these Smartwatches yet. But be patience and believe me, it just the beginning.