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Customized solutions for digital transformation

Custom software development to reach the full potential of your project. Created and designed to optimize resources. We help you digitize your business with technological solutions based on your real needs. We develop tailor-made solutions for complex projects, giving them a unique character and unmatched benefits. Reach the maximum performance with us

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Specialized Native APPs

We build projects centered on mobile. We design and develop custom software to get the full potential of your native apps for iOS and Android. Creating a specialized application for each system and improving its usability.

Hybrid apps give poor performance as they are not optimized for each platform. It is preferable and recommended to have two projects (one in iOS and the other in Android) as it improves the efficiency of the final application. An app is not a website developed for smaller screens, hence its development is completely different from a website

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We use cutting edge technology

 online store 

eCommerce, custom or WordPress development according to your needs

With 2Coders reach your potential customers in a more intuitive and attractive way. We develop your commercial website using custom software development to get its full potential. Create an online space that makes the daily activity of your business easier and your products more attainable

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Corporate Website, we design your online presence to increase your visibility 

We are experts in modifying and adapting templates within the WordPress environment. We generate corporate content and reinforce the image of your brand. Our commitment is to provide the visibility that your business needs. Advise you on the best way to build and implement it

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UX / UI & visual communication


We adapt to your design needs in digital or print media. Create a Naming and its visual identity according to the values ​​or objectives of your brand. We are specialists in the study and architecture of information centered on user experience. Design personalized and responsive interfaces

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Consulting & advice

In 2Coders we optimize processes through technology and innovation, therefore, before starting any project, we provide the service of digital transformation consulting, where we attend to your needs and provide feedback according to your situation.

In addition, we involve you in every step of the process, so you can see the tasks that are being executed in real time and have direct communication with us

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Esta empresa ha sido financiada por Subvenciones a proyectos de inversión de pequeñas y medianas empresas en canarias para el año 2020 cuyo proyecto consiste en el crecimiento de la empresa gracias a la modernización de equipos e infraestructuras existentes.

Over the top platform, specialists in OTT services