SPEGC launches a Guide for digital professionals to work in Gran Canaria

Work in Gran Canaria as a digital nomad, an idea that has been greatly associated with the Canary Islands in recent months. Its weather conditions make it an attractive destination for the growing demand of professionals who use the internet as their main working tool.

This new labor paradigm has led institutions such as the SPEGC to launch the guide “How to establish yourself in Gran Canaria” for professionals in this sector.

What are the advantages?

Among its advantages we highlight freedom of movement, the internet allows you to work from anywhere in the world, you only need your computer and a good Wi-Fi connection.

A second advantage is the variety of professionals that this movement provides, where we can identify three main types: The freelance, the entrepreneur and the employee.

A new lifestyle, we must not think about digital nomadism as a type of work or profession, but as a way of life that combines the changes that are taking place in the workplace, together with the decision of taking control of your life and living it as you wish.

Why are digital nomads necessary?

Worldwide, the digital sector has experienced an accelerated growth due to the need of companies to have a greater presence online. This has also increased the demand for specialized professionals in the different branches of the sector.

In the Canary Islands, not only institutions have carried out actions in favor of digital nomads, online websites that provide information to this type of user have also been created. Among them, we highlight Work From Gran Canaria where 2Coders is part of its list of digital companies.

Do you want to be part of the 2Coders family?

At 2Coders we look for different profiles of digital professionals. We are rapidly growing as a company and need immediate incorporations for several specialized development profiles, we can highlight the following:

Grow with 2Coders

At 2Coders we offer you to be part of one of the most experienced companies in the sector, as well as continue to learn with our internal training plan, specialized in each profile.

Tell us about your experience and send us your Curriculum Vitae to [email protected] Work in Gran Canaria with national and international clients and grow professionally!