Today We would like to talk about mobile apps, but we don’t want to talk about the common tips that most of the blogs usually do, instead of it We would like to describe some tips that usually find between the moment since the clients knock our door until our clients publish their lovely app.

Tip 1. Be concrete, We know that you have a lot of ideas in your mind but first you should write a small list about what will be your minimum product value.

Tip 2. Don’t worry about the final design at the beginning. First you need to know what will be the hole map of your app.

Tip 3. Hire a company with resources and experience. We know that it will be more expensive than a freelance (in special if you hire someone from Asia or in the east of Europe).

Tip 4. Now is time to invest in the design. The actual market demands really good interfaces, good icons, smooth animations, etc… In our opinion it should be the 50% of your success, so you should ask to developer company what they would like to recommend to you about it.

Tip 5. Please be smart solve something. There is a lot of apps that “don’t do anything” so your app should do something or solve something at least relevant for some public.

Tip 6. Don’t wait for the most perfect app. If you expect to have the most powerful and beautiful app, you will spend years and the time to market is very important so, move fast!!.

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