We are happy to announce that we are technology partners of the Subsea Maintenance AUV project

Subsea Maintenance AUV

We are happy to announce that we are technology partners of the Subsea Maintenance AUV project. A project for the development of an autonomous AUV vehicle for cleaning ship hulls with simultaneous biofouling collection. The undesirable accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae and / or animals on wet structures.

We are talking about a Roomba-like machine for the hulls of the boats, that cleans and helps avoid future damage to their structure. This project seeks to introduce new subsystems that improve the capabilities for seabed and structure maintenance.

Project features

This project is not only focused on the visible results in the boats. But in adapting and evolving existing technologies in the market (both national or international).

These technologies would consist of manual, semi-automatic remote machines, or specialized equipment for carrying out naval maintenance. Boat hull cleaning, waste collection, inspections or non-destructive tests, etc.

Its capacity to detect and selectively collect waste makes it unique. It is capable of collecting them and transferring them to an attached support system for their accumulation and subsequent treatment in an authorized waste manager. While applying some type of treatment in situ taking advantage of filtering technology.

The possibility of mapping structures, the use of renewable energies and technological surveillance make it a unique project in the future of port seabed cleaning.

Technological complexity and innovation

Its main innovative feature is the unification of existing subsystems already in the port market into a single machine. Fully automated, it can be controlled remotely depending on operating conditions.

This combination disrupts the current naval operations and maintenance market. Consolidating a new business idea, whose main asset is to compete with other similar products and services due to its differentiation and specialization. In this way, it manages to reduce OPEX, granting environmental improvements and providing an exponential increase in operator safety.

Know all its benefits

Among its benefits we find countless environmental advantages, since it mitigates the impact of the activity and reduces the entry of invasive species into Canary waters. We also find economic savings and measurable technological advance in various areas of port logistics activity, such as:

  • The automation and robotization of operations and subsystems in port terminals.

  • Equipment that provides eco-efficient port and commercial services from an environmental point of view.

  • Equipment, facilities or services that contribute to reducing carbon footprint, polluting emissions and noise, to increasing water quality, and in particular that help progress to zero-emission ports or Green Ports.

  • Equipment, facilities or services that contribute to the circular economy (recycling of waste, treatment of material from dredging, wastewater, etc.).

  • Equipment, facilities or services for prevention and fight against pollution.

  • Control automation.

Participating entities

At 2Coders we are very proud to be part of this great project as technology partners. A project designed mainly by the AcostaSub group in which we help to grow the economy, technology and above all the cleaning of our Canarian seabed. Get to know all the entities that participate in its creation and development:

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