GOOGLE Nexus line was born almost 6 years ago with the  clear objective to show that the problems of Android was  custom interfaces and the unnecessary pre installed apps.

Pure Android, fast update and fluid experience are the identity signals of all the line. The Nexus 5 was the best device in  quality/price of the market and the favourite of the developers.

Taking advantage LG has introducing his successor, Nexus5X, a great device but with a controversial price, we going to review the actual trend of some competitor companies.

Motorola was the first to take the almost pure Android adding only  interesting apps and (this is important) without affect the performance as well as deliver fast and continuous updates in his devices.

LG, the smartest guy of the class, used what they learn  making Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X  and keep a Line G very interesting . Now  it has in the LG G4 one of the device that fights for  to be the best device in relation quality/price in the market.

Sony has bet for the community  and give many abilities to the developers that can install others Android versions in their devices, this is an advantage in its kind.

Samsung, as usual, going a bit for free but has restricted the number of extra applications that are installed by default.

Google points the way and competitors have responded. The Android experience is becoming ever more fluent and has faster updates. Maybe it’s time to step aside and let rest in the Nexus line that has served its purpose fully.