Last Friday we had a clash with the mafia but don’t worry, we’re fine, because we were the mafia. The family business is very hard and dangerous, and in the end 2CODERS team ended up in jail.

La Casa de los Enigmas is a business that is dedicated to providing logical and mental adventures with a gangster atmosphere of the 30´s. Summarizing the plot, we were locked in a room that simulated a prison and we had to unravel the clues that the former prisoner had left in the jail to escape. It wasn’t easy because we were handcuffed and in the dark.

As to whether we could leave our enigmatic prison only we can say that we are waiting for you send us a cake or freshly baked bread with a saw inside. Don´t be late, please.

Our team had a good time finding the tracks.The activity helped us to improve our organization and communication as a team.

These are the photos that the police took.