This is one of the our last apps, El Mister. Our objective was get a way for the enthusiastic of football clubs  (U.D. Las Palmas in this case) to have a active behaviour in the competition and express their opinión as if they are the mister´s team. For this is the name of our app.

During the game, the user can choose the changes that he believes the coach should take to improve the game, if should get into the field to more players in attack or defense. Once the fan was vote, the statistics shows if other fans think like the user. It is an interactive way to get involved in the game and generating opinion.

Simulator Screen Shot 23 oct 2015 14.09.42

Also, the app contains the “minute by minute” service where the fan keeps on all that happens in the game so that the user can follow and do not miss any moment of the match, and while there is no match, the account indicated the count down to the next match and in which channels you can see it.

Simulator Screen Shot 23 oct 2015 14.18.45

To the fans like to be informed about everything that is related to their favorite team, so we have added specific news.


In the calendar they can see the games played, the result and the future matches league and the statistical results of the changes requested by the users.

Simulator Screen Shot 23 oct 2015 14.21.07

The user can see after the game or at any time, the section “classification” is very useful to know what position have the team after day.

Simulator Screen Shot 23 oct 2015 14.19.09

In the section “players” there is a list where you can see the number of goals during the league, number of red and yellow cards of each one player and also, you can find the players photos and a small technical file of them.

We want that the fans are an active leading in the matches and they share their opinions about the coach’s decisions about the players and the matches.

In the following link you will see the post that the Lucas Ferrera has made about our app.


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