Developing applications for Android devices has become easier by using free external libraries. In particular we will focus on main libraries we commonly use at 2Coders to improve and ease certain aspects of programming.

  • GSON: if we talk to property this isn’t a library of Android, if not Java. GSON facilitates the processing of JSON objects into objects and return. Essential for communication between App and Server.
  • Picasso: a must for images downloading to prevent the famous Out of Memory. Allows caching of images and resizing of default images …
  • Volley: Http requests for the app server from releasing the use of background tasks and threads. We also recommend you Retrofit.
  • Otto: to create a bus and manage asynchronous events between activities, fragment and services.
  • Dagger2: to make easier the implementation of the model-view-presenter in Android by dependencies injecting.
  • Butterknife: essential for views injecting. You forget about writing again and again the weary findViewById.
  • SugarORM: easy implementation of object-relational mapping. ORMLite or GreenDAO are other good alternatives.
  • Roboelectric: unit testing to foster test-driven development (TDD) in Android.

Surely there are a lot of libraries to make easier other things in our developments in Android. An online resource where you can find more libraries for Android is Android Arsenal.