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“La nube”

Todas las personas que tienen la más mínima relación con lo llamado “digital” ha escuchado eso de “La Nube”. Pero, ¿qué es La Nube? Podríamos definirla como un modelo de servicio en el cual los datos que manejamos en nuestra empresa se almacenan, se administran, y se respaldan, de forma remota, normalmente mediante el uso...
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Nexus mission accomplished

GOOGLE Nexus line was born almost 6 years ago with the  clear objective to show that the problems of Android was  custom interfaces and the unnecessary pre installed apps. Pure Android, fast update and fluid experience are the identity signals of all the line. The Nexus 5 was the best device in  quality/price of the market...
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Best libraries for android

Developing applications for Android devices has become easier by using free external libraries. In particular we will focus on main libraries we commonly use at 2Coders to improve and ease certain aspects of programming.
  • GSON: if we talk to property this isn't a library of Android, if not Java. GSON facilitates the processing of JSON objects into...
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